July 15

A Profile of Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohammed Badie

Mohammed Badie, the current leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and its 8th general guide, was born on 7, August 1943 in El-Mahalla El-Kubra Egypt. He graduated in 1965 from Cairo University, where he received a degree in veterinary medicine; he later went on to receive a doctorate in veterinary medicine form Zagazig University in 1979. He is married to Sumaya Alshinnawi with whom he had three children: Ammar Badie, Bilal Badie and Duha Badie. Ammar was killed on 16, August 2013 in Cairo’s Ramsis Square, during the clashes which followed the removal of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Prior to his arrest on 20, August 2013, Badie worked as a part-time professor of pathology at Beni Suef University’s veterinary school.  

Badie was first arrested in 1965 for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and was sentenced by a military tribunal to 15 years in prison. Badie served 9 years of the sentence and was paroled in 1974 by Egyptian president Anwar al-Sadat. Following his release from prison, Badie remained active in the Muslim Brotherhood, and served in its al-Mahalla al-Kubra administrative office where he became the branch’s chief.  Badie continued to climb through the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood and served in the group’s administrative office at Beni Suef from 1986 to 1990 and in 1993 Badie became a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office. During this time, Badie was also active in the Beni Suef Islamic Dawa Society and was imprisoned for 75 days in 1998 as a result. On 16, January 2010, Badie was named the Brotherhood’s 8th Supreme Guide.

Following the military coup which overthrew Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, various members of the Brotherhood, including Badie and his deputy Khairat el-Shater, were the subject of a travel ban and later, on 10, July 2013 a warrant was issued for Badie’s arrest; based upon the claim that Badie was responsible for inciting violence in Cairo in which 50 people were killed. Badie has remained in prison since his arrest and was sentenced to death on 28, April 2014. The presiding judge, Said Youssef, implicated Badie of involvement in an attack on a police station in Minya in which a policeman was killed. Badie is currently awaiting execution.

Badie’s radical ideology conforms to that shared by the vast majority of the Brotherhood’s members; that the United States and Israel are enemies of Islam which much be brought down through violent Jihad. Badie believes that it is the duty of all Muslims to aid in the struggle against non-Muslims either through financial contributions or through direct action. Badie also promotes the establishment of a global Salafist Caliphate in which the infidels “word will be inferior.” and criticized Muslim leaders for not promoting violent Jihad against the United States and Israel; something which he claimed is Allah’s will. While Mahmoud Ezzat has presided over the Brotherhood during Badie’s imprisonment, he has yet to officially assume the position of General Guide.